We in-house

Romeo Company is the creative agency that works exclusively with in-house agencies and internal marketing departments. We handle the projects our clients can’t get to, don’t want to do, or just need a little help with.

Romeo Company is a team of creators and doers — graphic designers, writers, strategy developers, animators, videographers, video editors. All with one focus: Making our clients’ lives easier.

Use us as an extension of your team. And feel free to try us out on a smaller project first, to see if we’re a good match.

Other agencies want the glory, the credit and the awards. We just want to help. The truth is, we’re happy to be your “secret agency,” working behind the scenes to support your team and make you look good.

Have a project or campaign in mind? Let’s talk.

Looking for info on qualitative research or research videos? In 2020 we spun those services off into Research Anywhere. Same love of our clients and their work, but with expanded services and a new name.