You’ll working with us

What we

Why choose Romeo Company?

You’ll having your campaign and project needs met

Serving in-house agencies and marketing departments is what we do. Our clients are in-house teams of all sizes, from 1-100. We help with overflow, rush projects or work that requires capabilities your team might not have. No matter the size or scope, we’ll work together to get to the finish line.

You’ll having backup when you need us

Need someone on a project-by-project basis, with no commitments? No problem. Looking to establish a relationship for ongoing support and growth? We do that too. Our clients look to us because we deliver quality work, we keep our promises, and our rates are fair. Plus, we hear we’re fun to work with. We’re upfront about what we think is or isn’t possible and are happy to give you options for the best path forward.

You’ll having things done your way

We work for you, not for the awards committees or our egos. We follow your lead in communication style, process, and creative preferences. We’ll offer our professional ideas and opinions, but at the end of the day, the brand and campaigns belong to you, not us.

You’ll your secrets staying secret

Confidentiality is important to many of our clients, so we don’t talk about who they are publicly. We don’t post our work on social media or here at our website. We’re happy to be your secret agency and make sure to keep it that way. Want to see if we have the chops to work with you? We have permission to show certain work samples directly to prospective clients. Contact us for a show and tell.

You’ll the collaboration

You’ll get direct access to our Romeo creative team, with no gatekeepers. You can build a relationship directly with the people working on your projects, so you can be sure your vision comes through clearly.

You’ll easy onboarding

We do everything we can to make procurement and onboarding easy. We also like to have regular check-ins to be sure we’re meeting—and exceeding—your expectations.

Find out how we can help you and your in-house team. Let’s talk.